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Active in innovations

As progressive entrepreneurs, we are always looking for innovations within our business. Berrybrothers is developing continuously with the aim of optimally guaranteeing the production and quality of its soft fruit. We do this in the field of technology, cultivation and market.


Berrybrothers works with modern, progressive technology.

  • Sensors
    We have installed sensors at strategic locations in our nurseries, so that, for example, irrigation is automatic.
  • Topseal machine
    To meet the needs of our customers, we work with a top seal machine. The advantage of top seal packaging? A nice presentation, and the packaging is more sustainable!
  • Mechanical removal of soil shoots
    We remove new ground shoots so that the plant can fully focus on the growth of new production shoots. Previously, ground shoots were sprayed away, but in collaboration with third parties we have developed a machine that mechanically removes the ground shoots. This is better for the plant and for the environment!


Berrybrothers cultivation with a view to the future.

  • Residue-free cultivation
    We would like to further expand the experience we have gained in recent years with customer-specific cultivation. In the coming years we will therefore focus on cultivating completely residue-free redcurrants.
  • Proactive cultivation
    We are constantly working to reduce the use of pesticides in the cultivation of redcurrants, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. We take a proactive stance: we use much less residues than permitted and meet the most stringent requirements. We even remove aphids by hand when cultivating redcurrants!
  • Customer-specific cultivation
    A few years ago we started customer-specific cultivation. In those cases, we reserve a single plot for one customer, enabling us to grow according to the customer’s wishes, for instance with specific varieties or with regard to the use of pesticides. The customer also knows exactly where his soft fruit is grown.


Berrybrothers are continuously working on the development of their assortment.

  • Mixed red fruit
    You can combine our redcurrants, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries as desired into a variety of mixed fruit packaging. Anything is possible!
  • Black and white currants
    To put Berrybrothers even more squarely on the map as a berry specialist and to offer our customers a more extensive assortment, we have started planting white and black currants on our plots. The first harvest will take place mid-2019 and here too we have set ourselves the goal of saving the harvest until Christmas.