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Berrybrothers is – it goes without saying – in possession of the following certificates. They guarantee a worldwide production standard.

Global GAP – BTG Fruit + Zachtfruitkwekerij van Zuilen & ZN
Global Gap is an internationally recognised standard for agricultural and horticultural companies and stands for Global Good Agricultural Practice. The Global Gap standard includes requirements for food safety, sustainability and quality of agriculture and the supply chain.

IFS Food – Berrybrothers
The International Food Standard is a standard for food safety. IFS works with four criteria, which suppliers must meet to obtain the certificate.

These criteria are:

  • managing critical control points;
  • involvement of management and employees;
  • traceability of products, raw materials and packaging materials;
  • implementation of corrective measures.

GRASP means Global Gap Risk Assessment on Social Practice (Risk Inventory regarding Social Practices). It is a component (the social module) of the Global Gap specifications. GRASP contains standards relating to the health, safety and well-being of employees.