Soft fruit, all year-round

Berrybrothers supplies its customers with premium-quality daily fresh soft fruit all year round. We apply various growing techniques at our nurseries, ranging from simple rain shelters to modern greenhouses. By staggering our fruit, we can also stagger the harvest. This ensures a constant and longer supply of fresh fruit, so our customers can rely on Berrybrothers all year round. Our growing specialists closely monitor the growth and ripening of our soft fruit. By ensuring proper care for our plants, we’re able to guarantee premium-quality soft fruit for our customers.

Fresh products

The time of picking is essential for the quality of our fruit. We, therefore, harvest soft fruit by hand, and package and transport the fruit to our customers on the same day. We pack all our soft fruit in-house, which makes it possible for us to tailor this process entirely according to our customer’s requirements.


Although we’ve specialised in staggering the Dutch harvest season, the climate in our country is not suitable for supplying fresh soft fruit all year round. This is why, outside the Dutch harvesting season, we work closely with selected growers abroad. These fruit growers understand the importance of delivering premium-quality soft fruit. This enables us to provide our customers with premium-quality soft fruit all year round.