Soft fruit growing in-house

Our redcurrants, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and white currants are grown in the Netherlands at two locations: Roggel and Buren. We grow all our soft fruit ourselves, we have our own large and modern packing station and ULO storage. This means we grow, pack and market ourselves. This enables us to maintain optimal control and to offer premium-quality soft fruit.


Berrybrothers has two different growing locations in the Netherlands. The main location in Roggel, Limburg, is home to Jan, Karin, Nijs, Gerco and Franciene van Zuilen. The nursery in Roggel is conveniently located near Freshpark Venlo, and has been expanded with its own sorting and packing station. The nursery site in Buren, Gelderland, is where it all began for Berrybrothers in 1980. This is the home and workplace for Albert, Wieke, Gijs and Teun van Zuilen. The spread of our growing activities also helps spread the risk when it comes to extreme weather conditions.

Innovative growing

As a specialist in the growing of soft fruit, we’re always looking for opportunities to improve growing processes and make them more sustainable, as well as ways to optimise the quality of our fruit. For example, by using sensors to increasingly automate fertigation, mechanically remove soil shoots and adopting a proactive approach to reducing the use of herbicides and pesticides. For our redcurrants, we’re aiming for residue-free growing. One way we’re doing this is by developing new varieties.