Actively innovative

As a soft fruit specialist, we embrace new developments, and are always looking for solutions to improve our processes. Not just new techniques, but also by adapting our range to market demand. Everything we do is for a reason, and we carefully weigh up our choices with the aim of a stronger, more sustainable and tastier product. So that consumers can enjoy our soft fruit to the full.

Innovation for premium quality

Our passion for soft fruit means we’re continuously working on optimising our processes. One example is our use of fertigation. This modern fertilisation method enables us to precisely match the nutrients in the soil or pots to the needs of the plants. We’re also working on new varieties that are more resistant to diseases and climate change, and are also tastier. In addition, the integration of advanced sorting lines with automation is increasing the efficiency of the harvesting and packing processes.

Innovation and sustainability

The innovation choices we make are based on improving quality and creating a better world. For instance, sensors have been placed at strategic points in our nursery, which means that fertigation is increasingly automated. This saves time but, most importantly, reduces water consumption considerably. To meet our customers’ needs, we also use a top-seal machine. This not only gives an attractive presentation, but also makes the packaging more sustainable. In addition, we’re using more and more natural herbicides and pesticides in our crop protection. This is promoting more sustainable and environmentally friendly growing.

Skill and innovation

We’re frontrunners when it comes to applying modern techniques, and we continue to experiment. But we also do our best to uphold and maintain our traditional skills. It’s these skills that are essential in delivering premium-quality soft fruit. We continue to pick our berries by hand and couldn’t do without the knowledge and experience gained within our family business. Innovation and traditional skills go hand-in-hand at Berrybrothers.